A company of leaders invested in your growth

Shelly Black

Coordinator, MIC & Public Workshops

Shelly Black is responsible for assisting customers and for organizing The John Maxwell Company's public workshops, which bring John Maxwell leadership development training to communities across the U.S.

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Senior Director, Leadership Development

Rachael Bodie works with clients to create sustainable growth by developing leaders at every level within their organization.

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Chris Chapman

Product Coordinator & Accounting Clerk

Chris makes a perfect fit for The John Maxwell Company’s expansion by privileging him the opportunity to serve in both the Accounting and Operations Departments.

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With over 19 years of leadership and team development experience, Mark Cole has become a champion of the John C. Maxwell brand of leadership.

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Through a broad range of professional experiences and volunteer board appointments, Norwood Davis brings 20 years of strategic and financial leadership to The John Maxwell Company.

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Executive Assistant to John Maxwell

Linda Eggers is a multi-talented and multi-faceted leader. Linda has served John Maxwell and his companies since 1986.

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Director of Business Services

Anthony Ferrari's passion for learning and growing fits well within The John Maxwell Company, where he is responsible for the company's accounting functions.

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Vice President

Having attained many experiences both professionally and personally, Chris Goede is rejoining The John Maxwell Team in pursuit of his passions and life vision.

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Senior Director, Global Leadership Development

As a global leadership consultant, Jason Grant is responsible for the international licensing of John Maxwell's brands as well as developing leadership plans for domestic teams and individuals.

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Coordinator, eMarketing & Social Media

Brittany Gardner has been a part of the John Maxwell organization for four years. She currently serves as the coordinator for social media and e-Marketing.

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Ann Hortman

Coordinator of Corporate Client Services

As Coordinator of Corporate Client Services, Ann’s role is to serve our corporate clients with the implementation and fulfillment of their Intentional Leadership Plans, as well as supporting the initiatives of The John Maxwell Company sales team.

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Jennifer Hudson

L2 Consultant

Jennifer began working with INJOY in 1999 and has enjoyed sharing leadership and talking about John Maxwell, while working on numerous simulcast events. Most recently, Jennifer came to work for The John Maxwell Company as part of the L2: simulcast.

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David Hoyt is a close advisor to John Maxwell and currently serves as John's speaking agent. He oversees the international expansion efforts of The John Maxwell Company and directs Exchange, the annual leadership event hosted by John Maxwell.

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Director, e-Commerce & Technology

Cathy Leeke has served in a variety of areas within John Maxwell organizations for the past seven years. She is currently responsible for e-Commerce and Technology.

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Shannon Lynn

Director of Marketing

Shannon is responsible for the development and implementation of all marketing plans, creating and executing brand and communication initiatives and product development.

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Author & Speaker

John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author who has sold over 21 million books. Dr. Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP and The John Maxwell Company.

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Director of Event Operations

Steve Miller has worked for John Maxwell in a variety of capacities over the past 15 years.

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Staff Accountant

Josh currently serves in the operations department as staff accountant managing important accounting functions.

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Christine Roberts

Regional Director, Leadership Development

Christine Roberts partners with clients to develop and inspire intentional leadership programs and company culture strategies.

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Executive Assistant to the President

Sarah Weeks serves as the Executive Assistant to David Hoyt for The John Maxwell Company.

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Book Writing Partner with John Maxwell

Charlie is a writer who has produced more than fifty books with John Maxwell since 1994 when they began working together.

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John Maxwell’s Personal Social Media Manager

Stephanie Wetzel has been connected to John C. Maxwell and his organizations since 1992.

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Kimberly Whetsell

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Kimberly Whetsell has been part of John C. Maxwell organizations for 11 years and is serving The John Maxwell Company in pursuit of her passion of loving God and people.

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