Senior Director, Leadership Development

Rachael Bodie works with clients to create sustainable growth by developing leaders at every level within their organization.

Rachael’s enthusiasm for leader development began 10 years ago as a corporate trainer for a health and wellness chain in metro Atlanta. As a result of  developing a high-performing team based on leadership principles, the business quickly grew, as did her passion for leadership. Her desire transitioned from training front-line leaders to working directly with the business owners.

In 2004, Rachael joined a sports performance franchise, serving as the franchise sales manager. During her tenure, she assisted in efforts to grow the business from a handful of franchises to over 65 locations. This role leveraged both her expertise in selecting potential franchisees and support in the process of launching a successful franchise. Again, her focus on leadership and growth allowed her to walk alongside the franchise owners and share insights on building and leading a successful organization.

Rachael has been affiliated with John Maxwell since 2005 and this relationship, coupled with her business experience, has yielded valuable insights that have translated to business success for her clients. Her practical approach to achieving results has been replicated in dozens of organizations both domestically and internationally, including Microsoft, Aflac, and Continental Airlines. The majority of her consulting has been done not only at the executive level, but also for middle and front-line leaders. She believes whole-heartedly in the notion that leadership is a process and develops daily, not in a day. This is a belief she applies personally and is one that influences the process in her work with every client.

Rachael attended the University of Georgia and holds a bachelor's degree in business management. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Matthew and their two daughters, Grayson and Lily. In her free time, Rachael enjoys running, hiking, yoga, and reading.