Build Your Team

We believe great team leadership begins with excellent self development. Once you understand the principles of self-leadership, the “Team” element of the leadership process makes sense and offers you clarity as you influence those who depend on your steady leadership.

Click through our team development resources and take your team beyond the status quo.

Customized Training Solutions

Where does your organization stand in the leadership development process? Not every team requires the same training. We understand this reality, so we meet you where you are so you can get to where you want to go.

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Private Workshops

Is your organization or company interested in a private workshop utilizing John Maxwell material? We can come to you! Plan your completely custom workshop—unique to your company’s needs—with one of our expert Consultants now and take the next step to developing a culture of influencers within your team.

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Train the Trainer

Would you like to train the John Maxwell leadership principles to the leaders in your workplace? Then you need to train the trainer! Get accredited to teach John Maxwell workshops inside your organization.

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Client Case Study

See the impact that John Maxwell leadership principles are having on real businesses and organizations. Our case studies provide an in-depth, real life look into the companies leveraging John's principles. They will inspire you. They will challenge you. They will show you what it means to live out leadership in your own context every day.

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