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John's Young Readers List

Every time I share about the success of having a young reader list, I get asked to help with selecting the right books for children. Every child is different. There are a few classics that I can encourage you to read to help shape the minds of your young leaders. I also get asked which of my books are best.

Two great resources to find books are the annual award lists provided by the American Library Association. The Newbery Medal is given each year to the "author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children," whereas the Caldecott Medal goes annually to the "artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children." Below you will also find books which I have written that would be good for young leaders. To get more ideas on how to incorporate any of these titles, or to learn how my father inspired us through reading, you can watch the video here:http://youtu.be/Q2T4m78Q8pE.

  • The Difference Maker
  • Beyond Talent
  • Failing Forward
  • Today Matters
  • Winning with People
  • Your RoadMap for Success

How much you incentivize is up to you. I simply rewarded my children after they gave a one-page report and presented it over dinner for all to hear.

Wishing you the best,