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My friends, we are living in unprecedented times. We are in the middle of life-changing circumstances, and that’s why I want to offer leadership insights along the way to encourage and equip you to lead in times like these.

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Are you prioritizing your life? Join me for our final installment of our 4-part series: Lessons My Father Lived that Live on Through Me!

Join me for part 3 of our 4-part series: Lessons My Father Lived that Live on Through Me.

Join me for part 2 of Lessons My Father Lived that Live on Through Me. (This message has been pre-recorded).

My father has played a tremendous role in my life, and to continue his legacy, I will be honoring him by sharing the leadership principles and values he taught me over the years. Join me for this special tribute! (This message has been pre-recorded).

Join me as I share four shifts or adjustments leaders need to make in order to prepare yourself and those you lead for what’s ahead. (This message has been pre-recorded).

Today we're sharing leadership lessons from the sports arena! Grab your pen and paper as I share timely leadership values I gleaned from The Last Dance featuring Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.


My next guest, Miles McPherson, is passionate about creating change and being a bridge of hope in a racially divided world. Come and be a part of this timely and relevant leadership conversation.


I'm excited to host my good friend, Casey Crawford, as my special guest for the second episode of Leadership When It Matters Most - Leader Series. Get ready to witness what it's like when a leader aligns clear vision with sound values.


We're expanding this series to include today's leaders. Our first guest is Simon Sinek, bestselling author and speaker, known for his body of work around finding your why. We'll talk about why every leader needs to know their "why", and the reason Simon and John are both passionate about "The Infinite Game."

Leadership When It Matters Most - Volume I

Leadership When It Matters Most - Volume II

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