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Mark Cole: Do You Have Personal Leadership Questions?

Asking personal leadership questions is one of the most powerful and effective things you can do to improve your life, your leadership, and your organization. Great self-accountability questions often stem from a difficult situation in our lives. As people, our natural tendency when dealing with a challenge of some kind is to become frustrated. That…

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What Do You Think of Me?

At The John Maxwell Company, we commonly refer to the idea of the 360 degree leader.  John has helped people realize everyone is a leader because each of us has the opportunity to lead up, lead across and perhaps lead down. All month, we have been discussing the value of assessment.  I want to take…

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5 Ingredients of Personal Growth

As any farmer knows, the growth of a crop only happens when the right ingredients are present. To harvest plentiful fields, the farmer has to begin by planting the right seed in rich topsoil where sunlight and water can help the seed to sprout, mature, and bear fruit. If any of the ingredients (seeds, topsoil,…

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