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Mark Cole: Find Your Sweet Spot

One of the greatest coaches of all time, John Wooden, was famous for getting the most out of his players. Coach Wooden would spend the first few weeks of practice watching his players closely to see where they performed best. He believed that each player had a sweet spot on the court, and once he…

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Mister Rogers: Leadership with Lasting Impact

What do you think of when you hear the word, “neighbor”? Depending on your age, you’re likely to think of Fred Rogers. Or, more accurately, Mister Rogers. That’s because Mister Rogers is one of the most iconic television personalities in American history. A mild-mannered Pennsylvania man with a passion for encouraging children, Mister Rogers became…

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I love Christmas because it’s a season for giving – so people tend to focus on others more at this time of year. Whether we’re shopping for gifts for loved ones, or looking for ways to give financially to people in need, many of us are seeking ways to add value to another person. This…

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The Key to a Life that Matters

There’s a secret to filling the pages of your life. It’s not hard to decipher, but sometimes it takes a little practice. Take me, for example. Back in 1976, I received a gift from Eileen Beavers, who was my assistant at that time. As I unwrapped it, I saw it was a book with the…

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4 Leadership Styles That Trigger Peak Performance

Most teams don’t naturally get better on their own. Left alone, they don’t grow, improve, or reach championship caliber. Instead, they tend to wind down. The road to the next level is always uphill, and if a team isn’t intentionally fighting to move up, then it inevitably slides down. The team loses focus, gets out…

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