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Mark Cole: Leadership Seasons

“How do I find balance in my life?” seems to be a very popular question for this generation of leaders. While much has been written and taught on this subject, I think we all desire a sense of balance at home and at work. But the idea of balance is difficult for me to teach…

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Mark Cole: Busy is a Four-Letter Word

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? That time of year when people are busier than ever preparing for family visits, fighting crowds at the mall, wrapping presents, finishing projects, and setting goals, all while trying to bake fruitcakes for neighbors. Our lives are busy with so much still to be done. And…

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Avoiding Workplace Rivalries

In 2004, a group of Yale students (24 of them) pulled off an elaborate prank at the annual Harvard-Yale football game. Dressed in crimson-and-white T-shirts touting their membership in the Harvard Pep Squad, the Yale students positioned themselves throughout the bleachers on Harvard’s side of the field. During the first half of the game, the…

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