The unrelenting release of full passion, strength and abilities is amazing in the life of a leader. Yet, it rarely happens that passions, abilities and opportunities all line up at the exact same time.

Often times someone’s passion is high, while their abilities are low or the opportunity isn’t right. Or, perhaps, the opportunity arrives, but they finds themselves sapped of strength and passion, even though they possess the ability.

Passion is in most leaders – sometimes in the form of ambition or inspiration.

Abilities are developed over time – via experience, life and learning.

Opportunity arises less than passion and abilities – it is about timing, and being in the right partnerships or business.

Lining all three up can seem almost impossible. Therefore, I propose the following:
Hone your passion to be a consuming, all-time fervor while you work on your specific abilities and strengths to serve OTHER people versus simply serving your self. In doing this you will find your opportunities happen more often, and, because you are focused outwardly you will worry less about missing opportunities and naturally step into them with ease and grace. Opportunity will then find you rather than you having to search for it.

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