One of my favorite teachings from John Maxwell is his principles on How to be a REAL Success.  The foundation of this teaching came from John realizing critical components for success that were not overtly taught in the educational system. Through reflection, John realized that successful people excelled in four areas:


I have had 16 years and Mark Cole, CEO, has had 14 years in having a front row seat in watching John Maxwell excel at being a REAL Successful leader. Over the course of several blog posts we want to share specific principles and examples that we’ve seen John demonstrate.  Today’s post I’ll share on Relationships.

In Winning with People, John teaches “The Number 10 Principle” which states that believing the best in people usually brings the best out of people.  I’ve never met anyone with a higher belief in people than John.  It’s one of his greatest strengths.  Ten years ago John was in the process of figuring out who he wanted to have as his speaking agent. At the time I had been part of John’s team for 6 years and worn several hats and booked him for a handful of speaking engagements. John could easily have gone to any speakers’ bureau in the country which would have gladly represented him. However, because he had a high belief in me (even with my minimal amount of experience) he chose me to serve as his speaking agent. I was able to grow into the role and together we’ve had a very successful run of me serving as his speaking agent.  Just last year he demonstrated “The Number 10 Principle” again with me as he gave me the opportunity to serve as the President of The John Maxwell Company.  It is a blessing to know that I have a number one fan and cheerleader in John.  His high belief in me has inspired me to give my best and flourish under his leadership.

In Be a People Person, John debunks the fact that most people think that charisma is a trait that is mystical and elusive, a characteristic that people either have or don’t have.  Using the word CHARISMA he defines the outstanding traits of charismatic people: 

Concern – the ability to show you care
Help – the ability to reach out
Action – the ability to make things happen
Results – the ability to produce
Influence – the ability to lead
Sensitivity – the ability to feel and respond
Motivation – the ability to give hope
Affirmation – the ability to build up

The most charismatic leader that I’ve had an opportunity to work with is John.  He embodies these characteristics.  What I’ve learned from watching John is that these traits are not simply innate; they can be developed by anyone that cares about people and wants to develop his or her relationship skills.

If relationships are one of the keys to being a REAL Success, I challenge you to evaluate how well you’re doing in the area of developing your relationships.  Following are two questions to reflect on:

  • Do you truly believe in your team and the people that you work closely with?
  • In your relationships, are you concerned about making others feel good about themselves or are you concerned with making them feel good about you?

Share with us below or on Facebook or Twitter examples of people in your life that excel in relationships.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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