Hey Guys, 

Hope the New Year is going well so far for you and all that you are doing! I am really excited about the “Necessary Endings” simulcast coming up and hope you are planning to join us. As I have worked with CEO’s, executive teams and leaders, this topic is one that everyone relates to at a significant level. It is one of those that has the power to literally change a business, as the concept of “necessary endings” MAKES us focus on the tough calls that might be standing in the way of getting where you need to be. 

When we think about it…..facing reality about something, or someone, whose time is past, is one of the most difficult things leaders have to do. To end a product line or strategy, to fire a person, to take responsibility away from someone and make a change…..those are tough calls. There are people that are affected and many other potential areas of angst. So, we avoid and delay. BUT, without those “endings” businesses, teams, and people stay stuck. This event will give you guidelines on how the best leaders diagnose these calls and then execute them.  

Knowing how to diagnose when to end something is key! I will be giving you a paradigm that you can use to diagnose when something, or someone, truly has hope of getting better, or not. Once you know when to have real objective hope and when to not hold on, it brings a lot of clarity.  

Also, we will look at how to diagnose the people you are dealing with so you will know what strategies to use. Whether dealing with an employee, peer, customer, key alliance, or whomever, the simple diagnostic paradigm we will discuss will bring a lot of clarity to why a certain person has been difficult for you, whom to invest in and whom not, and whom to protect yourself from. It is a great concept to think about in order to know your next steps with people, especially the difficult ones. 

I hope you get your team, or your entire organization together and use the broadcast as a training and development event. Watch it, then discuss it with your team or key reports. Use the paradigm that you will learn to lead an offsite or a day of planning with your team. Or just use it to equip yourself with next steps. The good thing is that the content that you will learn will be useful to you in any position you hold for years to come. Endings will always be necessary, and we can always get better. 

So, I look forward to being with you that day! 

See ya there! 

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