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Assess Yourself | By: David Hoyt, VP of The John Maxwell Company

At The John Maxwell Company we are constantly striving to develop world-class tools and resources that will help our clients develop themselves and others as leaders.  Critical in the development of any leader is receiving 360° feedback.  In evaluating our products and services, we knew that a way we could serve our customers was to…

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What Do You Think of Me?

At The John Maxwell Company, we commonly refer to the idea of the 360 degree leader.  John has helped people realize everyone is a leader because each of us has the opportunity to lead up, lead across and perhaps lead down. All month, we have been discussing the value of assessment.  I want to take…

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Review: Put Your Dream to the Test

10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It Dreams are not strictly nocturnal. They invade our waking moments, too, sneaking into our mind’s eye to paint tantalizing pictures of who we desire to be and what we desire to do. Are our dreams legitimately worth pursuing? Do we have what it takes to…

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