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Mark Cole: Leadership Seasons

“How do I find balance in my life?” seems to be a very popular question for this generation of leaders. While much has been written and taught on this subject, I think we all desire a sense of balance at home and at work. But the idea of balance is difficult for me to teach…

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Responsibility: The First Step in Learning

Who is responsible for what happens in your life? Do you believe you should take personal responsibility? Or do you feel as if that is outside of your control and there’s little or nothing you can do about it? Psychologists say that some people possess an internal locus of control, where they rely primarily on…

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Respect and Likeability: A Leader’s Balancing Act

To respect someone means to consider that person worthy of high regard or esteem. For a leader, respect is an absolutely crucial component of influence. Leading without respect is a little like trying to run in knee-deep mud…you tire quickly and go nowhere. Like most people, you have probably observed a boss or supervisor whose…

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The Risk Test

Last time I wrote about the difference between good timing and procrastination, and included some tests you could apply to find out whether you were putting off decisions that needed to be made. Just like there are two sides to every coin, there are two extremes when it comes to taking action. Procrastinators are at…

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