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Are You a “Go First” Leader?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve blogged about material from my new book, Leadershift: 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace. We’re nearing the end of that process, so I want to talk about one of the more challenging shifts some leaders face. It’s the Cost Shift—moving from the perks of leadership to the price…

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At the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps broke the world record for the most gold medals won by an individual during a single Olympiad. In the 100m butterfly, the race in which he tied the world record by collecting his seventh gold, Phelps won in a photo finish. In fact, to the naked…

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Choosing to Cheat

Rubber bands are made to stretch. They’re flexible to a point, but expand them too far and SNAP! They break. There’s a limit to their elasticity. Many times our lives feel like rubber bands. We’re pulled in different directions by two primary commitments: work and family. As we stretch ourselves to meet expectations on each…

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Lessons from the Life of a Trustworthy Coach

On June 4th, the nation mourned the death of legendary UCLA Bruins coach John Wooden, a man revered as much for his off-court character as his on-court genius. On the court, Wooden’s exploits were unmatched. His teams captured seven straight titles, won 88 consecutive games, and had a perfect 10-0 record in championship contests. Overall,…

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U2: Together at the Top

As they circle the globe on their 360° Tour, U2 have grounds to boast. The Irish rock band has sold nearly 150 millions albums, has won 22 Grammy awards, and has been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yet, for all of their accolades perhaps the most impressive achievement is that U2…

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