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Three Steps to Generosity

This week, America will celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving—a day set aside to be grateful for everything from family to food to faith. While people celebrate in different ways, the point of the holiday is to stop for one day and reflect on the abundant blessings we have. It’s also the official kick-off to the…

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Leading in Polarized Times

Lately, it seems as though people are dividing themselves into categories, drawing lines between themselves and others that are increasingly harder to cross. All over the world, we are now defined largely by what separates us. As a leader, this makes for a challenging culture to navigate. One of the biggest responsibilities we have is…

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Leadership Lessons from the Life of Saint Patrick

Lost in the midst of shamrocks, green-clad partygoers, and leprechauns there is a story of a tremendous leader – Saint Patrick. That we celebrate a holiday bearing his name 1,500 years after his death attests to the greatness of Ireland’s patron saint. Saint Patrick’s life teaches valuable lessons about the power of forgiveness. THE LIFE…

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