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Mark Cole: The Value of Listening

Listening is one of the most valuable tools a leader has in his or her tool belt. Unfortunately, the busier we are and the higher we climb in the organization, the more difficult it becomes to listen. I love Ralph Waldo Emerson’s attitude, “Every man I meet is in some way my superior, and I…

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Connect This Season By Putting Your Focus on Others

Christmas is a time for people to get together. Between office parties, get-togethers with friends, and Christmas dinner itself, most of us spend a lot of time face-to-face with family, colleagues, and friends during this season. And all that “face time” has the potential to be filled with either connection or conflict. How do you…

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Learning from the Disconnects

As a communicator, perhaps nothing is worse than scanning the audience halfway through a presentation only to see people fiddling with smartphones, fidgeting in their chairs, or—worst of all—falling asleep in a puddle of drool. If someone had filmed my life, my communication blunders and mistakes could be turned into hours of humorous outtakes. Learning…

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“One of the most significant contributions to business failure is the inability to get things done through people.”~ David Krajenowski Leaders accomplish their visions through personal growth and personnel growth. Focusing on individual development is fine, but doing something truly significant also involves empowering others to grow to their potential. One is too small of…

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Three Ways Sytems Maximize Our Lives

From a high level, we have already looked at how systems benefit our leadership. I’d like to go a little deeper by sharing specific systems that have aided me on my leadership journey. I trust the following tips will help guide your thinking as you build systems into your regular routine. 1) Systems Decrease Life’s…

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How do you get your ideas heard?

Recently, I was asked a question that I hear pretty often. Usually the questioner is young, perhaps newly-graduated from school. They’re almost always new to their current job. And I can often hear their frustration when they ask: Please tell me, how can someone just entering the workforce create change? Maybe you’re familiar with this…

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