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Five Steps for Connecting with Others

I usually start a blog with a story or some sort of introductory idea to get your brain moving in the right direction. But I’m not doing that with this post. Instead, I want to jump right in and give you five steps for connecting with others. Connection is a critical part of leadership, because…

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Connect with Your Ears

Are you a good listener? If you’re going to lead, you need to be. A 2018 article from Harvard Business Review states “managers who listen well are perceived as people leaders, generate more trust, instill higher job satisfaction, and increase their team’s creativity.” If you want to lead, you’ve got to use your ears. I’ve…

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The Great Leader’s Guide to Connecting Emotionally with Others

No matter what your goals are, communicating with others in a meaningful way can help you. On the other hand, if you can’t communicate, it will cost you. For the person who aims to make a difference by partnering with others? Communication is paramount. After spending forty years as a leader and communicator, I am…

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