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Mark Cole: The IF Factor

The IF Factor

Adversity is inevitable. Challenges, setbacks, disappointment, criticism – you won’t be able to avoid these for long. The most important question is how will you respond to adversity? If there is anyone with reason enough to respond to his circumstances with a negative attitude, it’s Rob Mendez. Rob was born with what they call tetra-amelia…

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Mark Cole: The 30-Second Rule

One of the first lessons that John Maxwell taught me, many years ago, was the “30-Second Rule”. One night around a dinner table with several other colleagues, John leaned over to me and said, “Mark, if you really want to win with people, say something encouraging within the first thirty seconds of every conversation.” I’ve…

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Mark Cole: Insure Your Best Year Ever

I want to help you make this year your best year ever. Is that something you’d be interested in? Here’s the catch: this message may not be for you. This is for those who are expectant. I’m talking to people who already have a plan and are ready for 2019 to be the above-and-beyond year…

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Your Greatest Gift as a Leader

At 71 years old, I don’t need many gifts at Christmas. I have a good home, a good family, a good team, and my life has never been more fulfilling than it is right now. The opportunities I’m seeing for partnerships and transformation are greater now than at any other time in my life. Now,…

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Be a Belief Magnet

Have you ever really thought about the way a magnet works? To someone who doesn’t understand the science, a magnet’s power to attract things to it appears almost magical. Likewise, have you ever met a person who seems to attract people the way a magnet attracts metal? They believe in others, and they attract people…

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Leadership is not an exclusive club reserved for those who were “born with it.” The traits comprising the raw materials of leadership can be acquired. Link them up with desire and nothing can keep you from becoming a leader. Some people have a more intuitive grasp of how to lead than others. These “natural-born leaders”…

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Part 2: Equipping with a Cure

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu equipped an empire with a defense against the scourge of smallpox. Her story yields powerful insights for leaders desiring to learn how to equip their organizations for success. #1 Be a Student of Success Likely, several English visitors to Turkey had noted the peculiar absence of smallpox in the country. However,…

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5 Ways to Equip During a Downturn

In his bestselling book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell draws attention to the “summer vacation achievement gap” a phenomenon explaining why the academic performance of low-income children tends to lag behind their peers. Studies have shown that students of all income levels make comparable progress during the school year. However, during the summer months, the academic development…

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