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Mark Cole: Deciding Isn’t Enough

Success is not sometimes in the actualization phase; it’s always in the actualization phase. The longer I lead, the more I understand this to be true. John Maxwell shares a story about a lesson he learned from his dad as a kid. Melvin said to John, “Five frogs were sitting on a log and four…

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Stepping Out Against Fear

Often in life, the biggest fear to overcome is taking the first step. Leaders make the first move, and in doing so, they inspire others to act. By initiating action, leaders serve as pioneers, paving the trail for others to walk after them.As a black man living in the Deep South in the 1960’s James…

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Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Used with permission of Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born into wealth and prestige, and as a young Harvard graduate, he seemed destined for success. By the age of 30 he was elected as a state senator, and a few years later he was appointed as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. However, shortly…

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Self Preservation

The most recognizable symbols of Ancient Egypt – the mummy and the pyramid – were elaborate attempts at self-preservation. The Egyptian pharaohs believed their spirits would remain inside their bodies after death to embark on a journey into the afterlife. On account of this belief, the pharaohs spared no expense to ensure their bodies would…

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