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Mark Cole: 11 Reasons Why You Will Be a Better Leader This Year

There’s a hunger for leadership in the world today like never before. People have looked to Hollywood, sports figures and politics, all in hopes that leadership will show itself. We’ve all been disappointed in places of business, or faith, or Wall Street. And this has generated confusion about what leadership really means. This hunger produces…

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The Secrets of Success, Week One: Health

Why is it some people always seem to get ahead? How has that older couple kept the magic of their marriage alive all these years? What does the fitness instructor at the gym, the one with the perfect biceps, know that you don’t? It’s simple: the secret of your success is determined by your daily…

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Putting a Bow on 2010

At this stage, the punctuation you put on 2010 will not depend as much on what you do but on your point of view. As you look back on the past year, you likely experienced highs and lows, encountering blessings and victories alongside hardship and heartache. As you wrap up 2010, be sure your attitude…

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