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Mister Rogers: Leadership with Lasting Impact

What do you think of when you hear the word, “neighbor”? Depending on your age, you’re likely to think of Fred Rogers. Or, more accurately, Mister Rogers. That’s because Mister Rogers is one of the most iconic television personalities in American history. A mild-mannered Pennsylvania man with a passion for encouraging children, Mister Rogers became…

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Mentoring: A Little of Your Time Makes a Big Impact

Ernest Kent Coulter walked away from a promising career as a newspaperman to serve as clerk in the New York Children’s Court. He was disturbed by the procession of juveniles streaming through the state’s penal system. Time and again, he witnessed the same pattern: a youth got into trouble, was branded as a “bad” kid,…

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A Leader’s Inner Circle

Months before President Obama took the oath of office he began assembling an inner circle of advisors. He and his transition team painstakingly pored over the qualifications of candidates to identify the strongest leaders for cabinet posts. In methodically vetting future leaders of his administration, President Obama demonstrated that he understands the law of the…

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