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Be a Giver

We’re nearing Christmas, and everywhere you look, there are advertisements encouraging you to think about the people on your gift list. Whether it’s your spouse, your children, a parent or a co-worker, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on giving just the right gift. As a result, people are cheerfully—and busily—shopping to put a smile…

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The Shift from Uniformity to Diversity

Have you ever noticed that in many space movies, the bad guys all suffer from the same disease? I’m not exactly a movie buff, but I do observe patterns, and it occurred to me that in many science-fiction space movies, there’s a common theme when it comes to the villains. A lack of diversity. Think…

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The Cheetah Mentality: Learning How to Leadershift

Do me a favor. Take just a moment and watch this video. Isn’t that amazing? I love what they say at the end of the video about the cheetah’s legs and feet—it’s almost an afterthought, but it’s such a good lesson. “These modifications provide the cheetah with increased traction and fast, sharp turns.” When we…

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