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Mark Cole: How to Grow Your Influence

If your life in any way connects with other people, you are an influencer.  My good friend Tim Elmore shared an amazing statistic with me several years ago that I’ve never forgotten. Sociologists tell us that even the most introverted individual will influence 10,000 people during his or her lifetime. Everyone influences someone!   That means the question we…

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How to Cultivate Hope

Last time I shared my thoughts on the beauty and value of hope. Since hope is such a beautiful thing, this question has to be asked: “Can anyone have it?” The answer is yes! Regardless of your present situation, background, personality, upbringing, or circumstances, you can be a person of hope. Doing the following three…

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Sources of Self-Motivation

The best motivation is self-motivation. In fact, not many people succeed in life without self-generated drive. If you rely on others to energize you, or hesitate until the right mood hits, or delay until circumstances are ideal, then you’ll spend most of your life waiting. Leaders motivate themselves internally rather than depending on external incentives.…

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The Myth of Motivation

Contrary to popular opinion, leaders cannot give motivation to anyone. As leaders, we would be foolish, and somewhat arrogant, to think we possess the power to bestow motivation upon another person. Actually, a reservoir of motivation already resides inside every person we meet. The real challenge for leaders is to tap into and channel that…

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Monitoring Motivation

“What’s my motivation?”  That’s the question crossing our minds when the alarm goes off at 6:00 in the morning. That’s the question we pose to ourselves at the office when the clock rolls past 5:00 pm and there is still work needing to be done. At some point, all leaders must consciously face the “motive…

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“One of the most significant contributions to business failure is the inability to get things done through people.”~ David Krajenowski Leaders accomplish their visions through personal growth and personnel growth. Focusing on individual development is fine, but doing something truly significant also involves empowering others to grow to their potential. One is too small of…

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