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Mark Cole: The Choice Is Yours

Without question, choices play the biggest role in how our lives turn out. Some people make their lives difficult by making questionable choices. Others move through life easier because of good choices they’ve made. Regardless of which road a person takes, I know this: we don’t always get what we want, but we always get…

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The Cheetah Mentality: Learning How to Leadershift

Do me a favor. Take just a moment and watch this video. Isn’t that amazing? I love what they say at the end of the video about the cheetah’s legs and feet—it’s almost an afterthought, but it’s such a good lesson. “These modifications provide the cheetah with increased traction and fast, sharp turns.” When we…

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Can a Team Have Too Many Leaders?

According to prevailing wisdom, the best businesses create a culture that attracts influencers and develops leaders throughout the organization. Yet, if having an abundance of leaders is such a great thing, what accounts for the enduring popularity of maxims warning against having too many leaders? “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” “Too many cooks…

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