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A Leader’s Balancing Act

Masterful chefs fuse diverse ingredients into a coherent, tasty whole. When cooking, they perform a kind of culinary balancing act, deftly bringing spices and seasonings into perfect harmony. Each element of the dish touches the tongue with its flavor, and yet none overwhelms the rest. Great leaders combine an assortment of skills into a single…

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Life is Difficult – Don’t Make It Harder for Yourself

Last time I wrote about the realities that we all must face before we can learn from loss: Life is difficult… for everyone… and for some more than others. Acceptance of those truths allows us to take the first steps toward dealing with and possibly changing our reality. Unfortunately, many of us make life more…

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Do you truly believe these realities about life?

This month I’m featuring thoughts from my upcoming book, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. Last time, I gave an overview listing all of the chapters, which cover topics like humility, hope, change, and maturity. Growth in each area has the potential to help us turn losses into gains. Today I want to talk about…

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Leadership in Tough Times

“All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time.”~ John Kenneth Galbraith Americans are anxious about their financial future. Their government, like a spendthrift shopper, has piled up debt and maxed out its available credit limit. As…

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Great Expectations

A primary responsibility of leadership is to communicate expectations, both with words and actions. When leaders carefully and consistently set expectations, they engineer a flourishing work environment. However, when leaders abdicate their duty to communication expectations, chaos ensues. Here are six rules of thumb to follow as you set expectations in your organization. 1) Set…

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