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How to Cultivate Hope

Last time I shared my thoughts on the beauty and value of hope. Since hope is such a beautiful thing, this question has to be asked: “Can anyone have it?” The answer is yes! Regardless of your present situation, background, personality, upbringing, or circumstances, you can be a person of hope. Doing the following three…

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A Leader’s Greatest Things

“What is the one thing I really need to know about leadership?” I’ve heard this question dozens of times from people eager to be influential but impatient with the slow road of diligent study and personal growth. My response never quite seems to satisfy them: “The one thing you need to know to become a…

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Be the One: Serve

In life, it’s not what happens to you, but what happens in you and through you that counts. When adversity visits your life, you have two choices: to be a victim or to be a victor. Victims allow life circumstances to get them down, and they spend their lives asking others to redress the grievances…

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