“If you want to change and grow, then you must know yourself and accept who you are before you can start building.” 1

The Law of Awareness says you must know yourself to grow yourself. What that means is that in order to achieve growth, leaders must hone in on who they are and what they desire to do.
Have you ever sat down and reflected on your life and the person you are? In The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell presents 10 questions to help you through the process of learning about yourself, accepting who you are and taking the next step to achieve growth. To begin on that journey, check out a few of his questions here:

1. Do you like what you’re doing now?

“If you’re not enjoying what you do for a living, you need to take some time to examine why.” 2

So many people go through life doing a job merely to make a living. They never pursue what lights their fire. It might be because they don’t know their passion. It might be out of fear. Whatever it is, it’s important to find out why and tackle it full force.

2. What would you like to do?

“When you tap into your passion, it gives you the E & E factor: energy and excellence.” 3

Working on what you’re passionate about gives you an advantage over others who are doing work they despise. Listen to your heart and take note of what brings you joy and excitement. Pursue what you want to do and what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

3. Can you do what you would like to do?

“You have to have some kind of criteria for knowing if the desire you have matches the abilities you possess.” 4

We all have dreams and passions. The question is: do your skills fit in those dreams and passions? Think about what you want vs. what you are good at. Do they align? It’s important that you do what you are good at in order to be successful.

4. Do you know why you want to do what you would like to do?

“Doing something for the right reasons also keeps life less cluttered and your path clearer. Not only is your vision clearer, but you sleep well at night knowing you’re on the right track.” 5

Motives matter. As leaders, we must look inside our hearts to determine the why behind the what. Satisfaction and success come from doing things you are meant to do and doing them for the right reasons.
You have the chance to pursue your life calling. However, you must reflect internally before moving forward. When we know ourselves, we grow ourselves.

After the first four questions about how to find your purpose and passion, we are prepared to create a game plan. To find out how you can apply the answers to the previous 4 questions and pursue your passion, check out The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

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