The sun’ll come out
So ya gotta hang on
‘Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You’re always
A day

~ “Tomorrow” from the Broadway musical Annie

With all due respect to little orphan Annie, just thinking about tomorrow takes us away from the things we should do today. Indeed, what we are enjoying or suffering today is largely a result of the decisions we made yesterday. And, just like yesterday determined today, today determines tomorrow.

Yet even though we somehow know that today matters, we have tremendous difficulty fully realizing its value and importance. Why? Partly, it’s because we have a warped view of success.

How People Wrongly View Success:

1. It’s Luck

Good fortune may have a small part to play in success, but it’s certainly not the main factor. Did you know that 90% of lottery winners blow through their winnings in five years of less? Luck brings them momentary riches, but they are ill-equipped to manage their money, and thus they cannot sustain financial success.

2. It’s Mystical

Some people envision success as something mysterious. They’re convinced there’s a magic formula that they have to uncover in order to be successful.

3. It’s Suspect

Others view every success with a cynical eye. They assume anyone who is successful must have exploited others or taken advantage of them on their way to the top.

4. It’s a Result of Hard Work

Some people live by the philosophy: “the early bird gets the worm.” They think that by putting their nose to the grindstone, they will eventually gain success. However, I know a lot of people who work hard and yet aren’t very successful.

5. It’s an Event

Lots of folks are searching for a momentary experience that’s going to suddenly flip the switch for them, transforming them into an overnight success.

6. It’s a Destination

People with destination disease view success as a place they will someday reach. For them, success exists somewhere out there, in the future.

7. It’s an Opportunity

Some people are waiting for their big break, hoping that circumstances will finally align in their favor. “If I could just have a few things fall into place,” they think, “then I could be successful.”

8. It’s the Right Relationship

Many people believe their success depends on others. If they could only have been born in the right family, or if they could just meet the right person, then they could have success.

A Healthy View of Success

Few people realize that success is within their reach right now! The “secret” of your success is determined by your daily agenda. In fact, if I could spend 10 hours with you tomorrow, observing how you spend your day, I could tell, with about 95% accuracy, how successful you are. Most people underestimate today and overestimate tomorrow. They promise themselves that they’re going to turn their lives around tomorrow…but “tomorrow” never comes. Success is determined by the daily decisions you make and the daily disciplines you practice. That’s it. Daily decisions relate to goal-setting, and daily disciplines involve goal-doing, or acting on the choices you have made.

Thought to Ponder

Stay tuned to the blog over the coming weeks as we’ll breakdown the decisions and disciplines that, when practiced daily, almost automatically lead to success. In the meantime, ask yourself this question: what am I putting off today that I know deserves my attention right away?

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