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When I decided to adapt my 2013 book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for a teen audience, I was excited about adding ideas and illustrations that teens would relate to. And it was a fun and insightful process. In the book, which releases this week, you can find stories about... Read more

When I adapted Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens (February 24), I wanted to make it conversational in a way that would appeal to a teen or preteen. And I decided to make it more interactive, with sections... Read more

What an exciting project I got to do last year! For the first time ever, I got to adapt and rewrite one of my books for a new audience: Teens. The book is Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens, and it comes out this month – on February 24. Created... Read more

Have you ever seen the “You had one job!” joke? It’s usually a picture like the one of the sign above, with a crazy error like “Please slow drively.” Or like spelling “STOP” S-O-T-P, or hanging a stair railing upside-down. Google it and you’ll see thousands of examples,... Read more

Legacies that matter are connected with people. A hundred years from now all that will matter is the people that you connected with in such a way that you added value and meaning to their lives. Political commentator Walter Lippmann said, “The final test of a leader is that he... Read more

As we approach the end of January, a time when you might begin to feel discouraged about lack of progress toward your New Year's Resolutions, I'd like to share some of my favorite quotes on goals and planning. If we want to succeed with our resolutions, we need to make... Read more

How would you describe your life? Are you achieving what you desire? Are you accomplishing the things that are important to you? Do you consider yourself a success? How do your prospects look for the future? If I could come to your house and spend just one day with you,... Read more

Happy New Year! What did you do to welcome 2015? Throw a party? Toast at midnight? Spend time reflecting on the past year and creating a plan for making the most of the new one? Researchers have discovered that transitional times (like the new year, or the beginning of a season)... Read more

Habits. This is the time of year when we all seem to be examining our habits. What habits do we want to eliminate for the new year? Smoking? Overeating? Angry outbursts? And what habits would we like to establish? Regular exercise? Flossing? Prayer? How do we want our days to... Read more

We wish you a Christmas overflowing with joy and a New Year filled with God's richest blessings. Read more

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