This month we have been focusing on the concept of the Rule of 5.  My team and I hope that it has been helpful to you personally and to your organization’s ability to capture the 5 things that are imperative to do day in and day out.  I have enjoyed reading the postings, watching your comments and being reminded of the importance of having a personal and organizational Rule of 5.

As I have traveled with John Maxwell for the last 13 years and watched the impact of The John Maxwell Company’s Rule of 5, I wanted to take the last blog posting of the month to talk about results.  I am excited about this topic.  I am passionate about it.  I have witnessed the results first hand!   Let’s look at the impact when a person or organization creates, implements and commits to a Rule of 5. 

The more defined you are in your pursuit of daily disciplines the greater clarity you have on the things you should or should not do.  Andy Stanley, author of Visioneering, says that Clarity of Vision is more important than Certainty of the Outcome.  When you become clear on what you do each day, you will see the outcomes that you desire and many times much sooner than you anticipated.

Simplicity is the greatest ingredient in the formula of Consistency.  When you can quickly and succinctly identify your daily disciplines, you have a greater chance at consistently replicating successful days.  The more The John Maxwell Company team practices our Rule of 5, the better we are at consistently representing our products and services.  This consistency is in both the frequency of delivery and the team member’s ability to deliver.

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect.” It is simple, yet effective. The more you practice, the more you increase your odds for superior results.  With more practice, your team becomes more competent.  Our desire as leaders is to ensure that the competency is in something that is beneficial to the common goal of your team and the organization’s desired outcomes.  We want to influence the team’s competencies in a direction that impacts the entire organization. We do this by providing daily expectations or habits that will drive toward the mastering actions needed to accomplish those goals.

I am sure you have heard the adage “people model what you expect or inspect.”  One of my favorite times for gathering insight from John Maxwell is his Q&A sessions.  In Q&A, we get to hear his instinctive response to business, life, family and faith.  And his response ALWAYS exudes leadership.  Because John Maxwell practices his Rule of 5 daily (Reading, Writing, Filing, Thinking & Asking Questions), the leadership he has poured in, pours out, every time he speaks.  His commitment to the Rule of 5 has given John a sizeable return on his leadership journey.  He has become Leadership…he bleeds it, sleeps it, lives it AND continues to daily practice his Rule of 5.

Everyone wants to win or to be on a winning team.  Set yourself and your team up for a daily win.  Define the ground rules, establish a daily scoreboard and determine what defines success and creates a win.  Daily wins are attainable when you clearly define your Rule of 5.  When you review your day with yourself or your team, reflect on how well you have accomplished your daily Rule of 5 and then find ways to celebrate “swinging the axe”! 

The John Maxwell Company, John Maxwell and I have all experienced great results and rewards by putting into practice personal and organizational Rules of 5.  We hope you are as well!  Take a moment and post below on how the Rule of 5 is already helping you and your organization.

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