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5 Results from Implementing the Rule of 5

This month we have been focusing on the concept of the Rule of 5.  My team and I hope that it has been helpful to you personally and to your organization’s ability to capture the 5 things that are imperative to do day in and day out.  I have enjoyed reading the postings, watching your…

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In 1804, Lewis and Clark faced the daunting task of finding their way across the vast wilderness of the American continent to reach its Pacific Coast. Their 33-member expedition included some of the most experienced navigators, scouts, woodsmen, and hunters in the United States. Yet despite their collective talents, the explorers would have died of…

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Cross Examining Credibility

In a criminal trial, the outcome hinges on the credibility of the witnesses called upon by the prosecution and the defense. Throughout the trial, jurors scrutinize each person who takes the stand, attempting to discern whether or not their words can be trusted. As they decide the case, jurors weigh heavily the statements given by…

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