As you read this post, I’m in India, getting ready to speak for a great group of people. And just before I left the United States, I got some amazing news: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth will debut at #7 on the New York Times‘ bestseller list in Advice/How-to (for the week ending 10/6/12)! I’m thrilled that the book is already helping so many people!
Now this makes me even more excited about what I have to announce today. For years, people who’ve heard me teach about personal growth have asked me for advice on creating a strategic plan for their growth. I didn’t have a specific plan that I could recommend, so I gave them the best advice I could in general terms.

This year my team has changed that and developed something wonderful:

The Maxwell Plan for Personal Growth

They looked at all my teaching on growth and developed 12 key areas a person should focus on to grow, such as Attitude, Priorities, and Perseverance. Then they created a complete one-year plan that includes written lessons, video and audio clips, assessments, articles, questions for reflection, and action items. Addressing one topic per month, someone who wants to grow can really dive into what I teach on the subject and learn how to apply it to him- or herself specifically.

The material is life-changing, but what I really find compelling is the functionality. Most of the work — from watching videos to writing in a journal — is done using an online platform designed to let the user keep a record of all his or her growth in every area. It’s so private and user-friendly, I think even I could master it.  🙂

More than 40 years ago, I bet on my potential and invested in my personal growth. It has yielded huge dividends and led to amazing opportunities. I believe that commitment to growth is still helping me to reach my potential as I continue to grow every day.

I also believe that The Maxwell Plan for Personal Growth can help you establish a pattern of growth that will last a lifetime and take you in directions and to levels that you’ve never anticipated. The Maxwell Plan is an investment in you. Can you think of anything else you’d rather put your time and money into than your own personal potential? If you’re not willing to bet on yourself, then who else will?

To learn more about The Maxwell Plan for Personal Growth or The Maxwell Plan Plus, which includes monthly group coaching calls and quarterly calls with me, click this link or visit

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