What do you do after training leaders in every nation? This was the question that needed to be answered by my nonprofit organization, EQUIP, this year. That’s because in June 2015, we introduced our leadership training into our Final Nation, Kiribati.

What a wonderful thing to celebrate! Which is what we did, at this year’s Leadership Open, held October 20-23 in Pebble Beach, California. More than 150 donors and associate trainers joined us for the annual golf tournament and fundraiser.

Every evening, it was a joy to share the details of the past year’s events, along with an exciting vision for our future. We talked about how all these years of leadership training worldwide have prepared us to expand our vision to launch a new initiative called Salt + Light.

And of course, each day we also played golf in a beautiful location.

The Leadership Open is one of the highlights of my year, because I get to share it with amazingly passionate people, who share my heart for making a difference in this world.

For information about this year’s Leadership Open, click here. I’m grateful to the EQUIP team for making it a wonderful experience for all who participated.

Looking Back:

Leadership materials presented in over 70 languages

196 nations reached

Over 400 associate trainers involved

Over 4,500 international trips

Over 6 million leaders trained worldwide

Over 45 million miles traveled

Over $50 million invested by associate trainers

Looking Forward:

Salt + Light, our free evangelism resource, is being embraced and used by churches across the United States to reach the communities outside their doors. We were excited to announce at the event that it’s now being translated into other languages for a launch worldwide.

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  1. Alan Garner on July 13, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    Do you have a point of contact in Costa Rica? I have missionary friends there who are trying to reach university students. There has been a request for Ethics training and I’m sure that Leadership lessons would be very appealing as well.

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