My trip to Asia is still going well. I’m in Shanghai, China for the next few days. Thank you for the prayers, kind thoughts, and warm welcomes you’ve sent my way.
But for today’s post, here’s an interview I did last month (May 12) with my friend Dave Ramsey for his TV show on Fox Business Network. I love spending time with Dave, and I think his message about wise money management is especially needed in today’s new economy.

As you might expect, we talked about dreams. I hope it serves you well:

Entire episodes of the Dave Ramsey TV Show are available for viewing on (This episode is not yet posted, but it will be eventually.)

And on, you can listen to his daily three-hour radio show live (or download a podcast). Plus the site itself offers a wealth of resources to help you get out of debt and be a wise steward of your resources.

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