As you might know, I’ve been traveling these last two weeks. Most of the time, I had the privilege of touring Israel with a group from my church, Christ Fellowship.
From teaching about the Sermon on the Mount while actually ON the Mount to visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, everything in our experience was wonderful and deeply meaningful.

Well, maybe not everything…

We also made sure to have fun. For example, as “captain” of my bus, on the first day I suggested that we come up with a better name than “The Blue Bus.” Creative, right?

Well, because my bus was full of smart-alecks, the name chosen was …



Once we had a name, then of course we had to have a song. And then a handshake. And then matching ballcaps, and a banner…

Let’s just say that things might have gotten out of hand when we choreographed and performed the song.

And of course with the number of cameras and smartphones on the trip, we knew that everything would end up on YouTube or somewhere like it.

Little did we know that it would actually be posted on Vimeo, BY the Christ Fellowship team. In High-Definition.

I hope you enjoy:

PS I posted regular Twitter and Facebook updates while on the trip. If you want to keep up with my day-to-day experiences – and receive some of my favorite quotes and thoughts – be sure to follow me.

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