This is what transformation looks like. In the photo above, I’m surrounded by the amazing team, led by Gaby and Tim Teasdale, that launched transformation in the nation of Paraguay last week. At the invitation of the president of this beautiful country in South America, I had the privilege of participating in the beginning of this transformational movement.

In partnership with the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, over 250 of my certified John Maxwell Team coaches volunteered their time and paid their own way to travel to Asunción, Paraguay. Together, we spent the week teaching over 20,000 individuals from all walks of life throughout the nation.

We trained the people to facilitate roundtable groups on 10 essential values and 6 Intentional Living principles. In the coming weeks, those newly-trained facilitators are each expected to gather groups of 5-8 individuals to meet weekly and learn together how to apply the concepts to their lives.

And what an incredible experience it was! We met with many different people, from university students to businesspeople, from faith leaders to members of Paraguay’s congress.

The trainers from the US partnered with a huge number of volunteer interpreters, who made it possible for us to communicate and connect. We couldn’t have done this without them.

Paraguay is a beautiful country with wonderful people. We feel truly honored to partner with them in the launch of this movement. I can’t wait to see what happens as the people begin meeting in roundtables in coming weeks. And I’m excited to go back at the end of March to encourage and give them further training. Thank you, Transformación Paraguay, for an incredible experience. May transformation, which has begun in you, continue to spread throughout your nation!

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