I love sharing my thoughts with you here on this blog. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect outside of my speaking engagements and books. Another thing I love is my daily Minute with Maxwell. If you’re not aware of it, Minute with Maxwell is a daily short video in which I speak on a word or concept that I think will add value to you. It’s easy to sign up. Just visit the John Maxwell Team site and sign up with your email address. You’ll receive the video each day in your inbox for free! Here’s today’s Minute, for a sample of what I try to offer to help you grow a little every day. Today’s word is TENACIOUS: I hope that inspired you to “hold on” for just a little longer in the areas where you’re growing. And if you’re interested in knowing more about my coaching certification training program (the event where I recorded that video), please visit www.JohnMaxwellTeam.com/Join-Us  for more information. We have another training event coming up in February, 2013, and I’d love to have you on my team!

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