What’s your highest calling as a leader? Well, I believe it’s being a servant leader. I often teach that leaders ask the question, “Will I help people?” But servant leaders ask, “HOW will I help people?” When you’re a servant leader, you do so much more than just make people a priority. You look for specific opportunities to serve them and help them reach their potential.

In my own leadership journey, I’ve made servant leadership my goal for many years. And as my influence has increased, I’ve pursued many specific opportunities to serve those who hear me speak and read my books, so that they can grow into who they were created to be.

If you’re a leader, don’t just settle the question of IF you’ll serve others. Figure out HOW you will, and then go do it. By being a servant leader, you’ll have the joy of seeing positive outcomes and great growth in your people. It will be worth the effort.

Because of my desire to serve you, I want to make you aware of one great opportunity to serve the people under your leadership and in your community. This fall, The John Maxwell Company will host our Live2Lead event. A worldwide event, it will be broadcast live on October 9, 2015, and will be available for different hosts to either share it live or on a later date.

The video above explains more what the event is all about.

This is where you might want to come in as a leader. Hosting a Live2Lead event in your community will offer the people you lead an amazing chance to learn and apply leadership principles to their lives.

And besides helping those who follow your leadership, hosting a Live2Lead site will allow you to offer something of great value to the people in your community. Think of the ways this could expand your network, letting you add value to people you haven’t even met yet.

To learn more about how last year’s event went as well as some key takeaways, click here.

This year, the half-day event features my teaching, along with that of the following incredible leadership communicators: Patrick Lencioni, Valorie Burton, and Kevin Turner. Each speaker will deliver relevant content that will equip attendees to take next steps of growth as leaders. And at only half a day, the event lends itself to both learning and application, as people walk away prepared to implement a new action plan, so they can start leading when they get back to the office with renewed passion and commitment.

As a host, you will receive a license to either show the event live on October 9, 2015, or broadcast it at a date of your choosing (between October 16 and January 31, 2016). You will be able to use the event name (Live2Lead: [your location]) in marketing the experience, along with the association with The John Maxwell Company and me. And you will receive continuous support, from resources like our Simulcast Advisory Committee and a closed Facebook group. Plus, you’ll have all the freedom of being in charge of your event, deciding everything from the date and time, to ticket pricing, funding, and promotion.

To learn more about how to bring Live2Lead to your community, click here.

Here is how the Des Moines site made the program a big success last year:

Here is what a few of our hosts said about last year’s event:

Hear from those who found value hosting Live2Lead (formerly L2: Learn – Lead) last year.

“Hosting L2 far exceeded my expectations in many ways. I knew it would be a world-class event which gave me the courage to connect with people I would not have typically contacted for my business. It elevated my visibility in my community and what I offer as a coach and trainer. It propelled my confidence in making a decision and doing what it takes to make it happen. I have learned I can do more than I thought I could do. I am truly grateful for this experience and look forward to hosting again in 2015!”

– Patti Hanrath

“Hosting L2 was a course in life and business. It taught me that you need to inspire others to follow your vision, your passion, and your courage. It also illustrated the amount of hard work, dedication, and creativity in takes into marketing an event. It is a lesson that will stay with me for a lifetime and it gave me an insight in what it takes to be John C. Maxwell. I learned what it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary … passion, faith, and hard work.”

– Israel Silva

“L2 Montgomery was fantastic! Several of the attendees remarked that this event changed their lives! I would have to agree. Going through the process was a tremendous experience, actually pulling it off was a lifelong dream fulfilled! Great Venue, Great People and of course “John The Great”! Finally, incorporating Parker Leadership Consulting Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony made the day complete! Bring on L2 Montgomery 2015!!!”

– Rod Parker

“The content in the 2014 L2 was the best of any of the over 15 simulcasts I have attended. John was 100% ON his game and I quickly implemented several ideas he shared and have continued to.”

– Jon Hauser

“The journey towards L2, the event itself and after has opened up so many doors of opportunity for me. This event has enabled me to scale my business to new heights. The day clearly added value to all those who attended. The feedback was outstanding. L2 is a powerful tool, which can greatly help you in bringing value to others. I highly recommend L2 for those who want to increase their business opportunities.”

– Tony Lynch

Hosting Live2Lead will give you the opportunity to grow your network, develop your people, and connect with your community. I hope you’ll join us in hosting this fall.

For more information, please go to Live2Lead Hosting and share your contact information. You will be contacted personally by one of my Live2Lead consultants, who will answer all of your questions and more about the Live2Lead experience.

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