Greetings from India!

For the past week, Margaret and I have been in India, where I spoke for Gloria Jean’s Coffee. Our wonderful friends, Nabi and Angela Saleh, have done what they always do every time we see them: made this trip special and memorable. As you can see above, we visited the Taj Mahal, which was truly spectacular. As I posted on Twitter at the time, I was blessed to sit in front of the Taj, the best that man could make, next to Margaret, the best that God could make.

We also had some wonderful meals, including last night’s dinner with the Salehs.

One really memorable experience could only be captured in a blurry picture, but trust me, it was amazing. I got to play polo on an elephant! (I’m the guy in the center in the pink shirt.) You’ll be pleased to know that I managed to avoid hitting anyone with that long mallet.

We’ll be coming home soon, where I’ll spend time prepping for my next speaking engagements. Thank you again to Nabi and Angela for the experience of a lifetime. We had a wonderful trip. And I’ve been told that pink is my color.

Now, some great news:

Webcast Replay

Did you miss my free webcast on October 9? Or did you participate, but would love to hear it again? From now until November 9, a replay of the entire event is available, still for FREE, at Sign up there, and a code will be emailed to you to log in and listen. This is a great chance for my friends worldwide to hear me share lessons from my new book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

Bestseller Lists

I’m very excited about how well The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth has done since it released on October 2. Here’s what I can hardly believe: In this coming Sunday’s New York Times, it will debut at #7 on the Business Hardcover bestseller list. And I just found out this week that it’s also appearing on the Wall Street Journal’s Business bestseller list, this time in the #3 position! What a blessing! I’m all about adding value to others, so I’m thrilled that so many people are reading the book. I truly believe that if they apply what they read, they can take some clear and measurable steps on the journey of lifelong growth. Those steps could lead to being able to make a great impact in their world.

I’ve been asking you this for a few weeks, but I’ll ask again: By now, do you have a plan for personal growth? Growth doesn’t just happen; you have to be intentional about it. My desire to see you grow is the reason I create books like The 15 Laws and materials like The Maxwell Plan for Personal Growth. It’s also why I’m offering the webcast until November 9. I hope these resources add value to you and help you on the success journey.

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