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how do you help kids turn a loss into a win?

If you’re a grandparent, what do your grandkids call you? It seems like that’s one of the first decisions that people make when expecting their first grandchild: What do we want to be called? In our case, Margaret knew right away that she wanted to be called Mimi. But I wasn’t sure about what I…

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In the documentary film chronicling her journey to superstardom, performer Katy Perry advises her fans: “Believe in yourself and you can be anything.” However, if eleven seasons of American Idol have taught us anything, it’s that self-belief is not sufficient for success. At the beginning of each season of Idol, vocalists audition in front of…

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Are those with fortunes simply fortunate? Do our life circumstances depend more on fate or choice? Are leaders born or made? Harvard economist Michael Porter looked at these questions from the standpoint of national economic performance. Why do German engineers, Swiss chocolatiers, and Japanese electronics manufacturers enjoy a competitive advantage over the rest of the…

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Passion: The Fuel of Persistence

While reading a magazine at a dentist’s office in Paris, Philippe Petit became engrossed in an article about the Twin Towers in New York. As an 18-year old street performer, Petit was constantly on the lookout for venues for his high wire balancing acts. Studying an artist’s rendition of the World Trade Center, Petit came…

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Avoiding Workplace Rivalries

In 2004, a group of Yale students (24 of them) pulled off an elaborate prank at the annual Harvard-Yale football game. Dressed in crimson-and-white T-shirts touting their membership in the Harvard Pep Squad, the Yale students positioned themselves throughout the bleachers on Harvard’s side of the field. During the first half of the game, the…

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Not Planning to Stop

By their 60th birthday, a majority of leaders have begun to contemplate retirement. By age 70, most have bid farewell to the working world. Past 80 years of age, no one is expected to work, and it’s virtually unheard of for a leader to remain at the pinnacle of his or her profession. Don’t mention…

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