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Leading Through Adversity

Had Chesly B. Sullenberger known that US Airways Flight 1549 would fly through a flock of geese and lose both engines, then he likely would have stayed out of the cockpit that day. After all, who in their right mind wants to pilot an engineless aircraft? Thankfully for the 155 passengers on board, however, the…

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It’s the Network

There’s no denying that we’ve fallen into precarious economic times. The United States shed 2.6 million jobs in 2008. More of the same continued in January 2009, a month during which corporations announced 65,000 layoffs in a single day. No matter how penniless you feel right now, there’s one investment you can’t afford to overlook.…

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From Making Cabinets to Making Millions

As  a  college  junior,  Harrison  Ford  decided  to  take  a  drama  course  in  the  hopes  of meeting  girls.  Sure  enough,  a  love  affair  ensued,  only  not  of  the  variety  Ford  had envisioned. Rather than falling for a beautiful woman, he fell in love with acting. Like so many aspiring actors before and after him, Ford…

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