One of the most stunning buildings in the world stands in the middle of the New York City skyline. At 1,776 feet tall, it draws people from all over the world to remind them of the tireless spirit of the American people. It is One World Trade Center, and it grew from the ashes of the fallen Twin Towers.

No one needs reminding that this Sunday, September 11th, will mark 15 years since the two buildings of the World Trade Center fell. In fact, if you were alive that day, the chances are pretty good you remember where you were when the planes flew into the Towers. You remember how you felt watching the chaos and confusion. Fear swept over the entire country, and there was a sudden realization that nothing would be the same again.

I remember visiting New York not too long after 9/11. The city was wide open to those brave enough to visit. It was as if the people of New York wanted anyone who came to understand their resolve to continue on. They weren’t going to allow the tragedy to define them. They would rebuild, and they wanted people to know that.

Fast forward fifteen years, and One World Trade Center stands as a testimony to the resolve of New York. The building represents what can happen when people live with purpose and focus.

But as amazing as One World Trade Center is, it’s still not the most important building in the world. For all of the spirit and hope that went into its construction, there are millions – billions – of buildings around the world that are more important.

The buildings I’m talking about are you and me. Everyday ordinary people.

My friend, you may not think about it this way, but your life is being built one day at a time. Your character is your foundation and your talents the raw materials. Your relationships provide the labor for building you up. And the choices you make on a daily basis determine how high you rise or how far you fall.

There’s a story that Jesus told where he compared our lives to houses. He said we need to be careful how we build because there will be times in our lives when our circumstances will put our houses to the test. Those who built wisely will be able to stand up under the pressure; those who built foolishly will watch everything crash to the ground.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you live your life with purpose. I believe the world needs you to build a life that will stand the test of time, a life of significance and impact that will inspire and ignite generations to come. You have that potential within you if you’ll discipline yourself to unlock it.

There is no building more important than the life you are constructing little by little each and every day of your life. Not the Eiffel Tower, not One World Trade Center, not even the White House or the Colosseum in Rome. The world’s most important building is the life you and I choose to build.

Let’s build wisely.

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