What direction is your boat moving at this point in 2015? And how many fellow travelers are you partnering with?

Partnership in growth is so important. This is especially true for leadership growth. When we surround ourselves with others on the same journey, and seek to learn from great leaders ahead of us, we can make great progress together.

I often refer to this as finding a great growth environment. When I first realized I needed to grow, I sat down and penned what I call “My Growth Environment.” It has helped to guide my decisions concerning personal growth since then. It says, in a growth environment . . .

Others are Ahead of me.

I am continually Challenged.

My focus is Forward.

The atmosphere is Affirming.

Failure is not my Enemy.

I am often out of my Comfort Zone.

I wake up Excited.

Others are Growing.

People desire Change.

In just over a month, I’m bringing together some great leaders who have life-impacting lessons to share. The event is Live2Lead, and it’s being broadcast around the world beginning October 9. I hope you can join us, either at the live event on October 9 in Duluth, Georgia, or at one of the host sites.

You’ll hear great leadership insights from Patrick Lencioni, Valorie Burton, and Kevin Turner. And you’ll be surrounded by other leaders who are as eager to grow as you are. Live2Lead will be an enriching leadership growth environment that will empower and encourage you to go home and apply what you learn so you can take your next steps of growth.

For more information, visit Live2Lead. From there, you can either register for the live event or find the site nearest to you.

It can be such a temptation to take the oars out of the water and rest, especially if you’ve been working hard and are getting tired. But leadership growth is definitely a journey upstream. Without constant attention and effort at the oars, we can drift with the current, watching our goals slip farther and farther away.

Join us at Live2Lead, and you’ll be surrounding yourself with others rowing in the same direction. Row – and grow – with us.

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