Today I thought I’d share with you one lesson from my free daily videos, Minute with Maxwell. This particular video generated the most discussion, which doesn’t surprise me, since it was focused on the word COACH.

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Do you find yourself in a situation where you need to coach someone? As I said in the video, one of the most important gifts a coach can give is perspective. Because we all tend to make decisions based on our perspective and attitude, it’s important for the coach to share the big picture.

Here are some attitudes and perspectives that all people have in common, followed by the action a coach can take to influence them:

  • People are insecure…                  So give them confidence.
  • People like to feel special…        So sincerely compliment them.
  • People want a better tomorrow…  So show them hope.
  • People lack direction…                So navigate for them.
  • People are self-centered…          So speak to their needs first.
  • People get low emotionally…     So encourage them.
  • People want success…                 So help them win.

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