Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to launch into 2012 with enthusiasm!
To set the tone for the new year and help you start growing right away, we’ll be launching our group study of The 5 Levels of Leadership here on the blog. Every week through February, we’ll learn together and discuss in the comments. One of the  most important lessons I’ve learned is to grow along with other like-minded people. This  interaction will take your learning to a new level.

I want to invite you to take the initiative and bring together a group to study The 5 Levels. If you’re not sure who to gather, start by taking a look at yourself to determine where you are in the leadership development process.

Established Leader. Maybe you’re the point leader for your organization, or perhaps you lead a large department. For your group, I suggest gathering aspiring leaders. This gives you the opportunity to invest in them and impact your organization together.

Emerging Leader. Are you in a position of leadership, but still very much trying to find your way? Gather other leaders similar to yourself. Together you can challenge and encourage each other to move up the levels of leadership.

Aspiring Leader. You’re not in a position of leadership, but you’d like to be. Gather other aspiring leaders. By participating in the group study, you’ll be preparing yourselves for the opportunity to lead when it presents itself.

Person of Influence. Maybe you’re not in a position of leadership and don’t foresee ever being in one (eg: a retiree or stay-at-home mom). But you know the value of influence in your home or community. Gather others like yourself; together you can learn to apply The 5 Levels to your personal influence with those around you.

Once you’ve gathered your group, set the date for your first meeting. We’ll officially start the study next week, with our first group discussion occurring on January 16.

Please leave me a comment if you’re planning to participate. And if you are leading a group, include the number of participants in your comment. It will be wonderful to know who is partnering with me in moving themselves or others up the levels of leadership.

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