Today I’m excited about the release of my newest book, JumpStart Your Growth. Part of my “JumpStart” series, this book is designed to help anyone take small positive steps every day for 90 days, to experience real and lasting personal growth.

As a reader of this blog, you are probably already an avid seeker of growth. You want to be a better person tomorrow than you are today. You want to grow in some way. Perhaps you want to progress in your career, live a healthier lifestyle, increase your knowledge, have a stronger relationship with someone, deepen your spiritual life, or achieve a lifelong dream. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it.

You have so much potential inside of you, but you’re asking yourself, how do you get better at what you do? How do you improve your relationships? How do you gain more depth and wisdom as a person? How do you overcome obstacles? Should you work harder, work longer, wait for things to get better?

The answer is that you need to have an intentional, strategic plan for growth.

Many people learn from the school of hard knocks. Difficult experiences teach them random lessons “the hard way,” and they change—sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

You have dreams, goals, and aspirations, and you may assume that if you just work really hard you’ll improve naturally. However, personal growth doesn’t just happen on its own. We have to be strategic about it. You need to take complete ownership of your growth process, because nobody else will do it for you.

If we want our lives to improve, we must improve ourselves. JumpStart Your Growth is my effort to help you learn how to grow and develop yourself so you have the best chance of becoming the person you were created to be. Intentional growth is the key that will unlock the door to your potential. Over 90 days, the book provides clear steps to help you become a more effective and fulfilled individual. No matter where you are in your growth journey or what challenges you face, you have a chance to improve yourself through personal growth from the moment you open the book.

What would it take for you to get started with JumpStart Your Growth? Consistently set aside 15 minutes every day for 90 days to grow intentionally. Read and think about the inspirational quote for the day, read and digest the lesson, and move forward by taking action in response to the question.

If you spend time growing on purpose every day for three months, you will be on your way to reaching your potential. And you will look back and be astounded by how far you’ve come.

You can purchase JumpStart Your Growth here.

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