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Want to contribute to my next book? A few years ago, I published the book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. If you were a blog reader back then, you’ll remember that we all worked together here on the blog to fine-tune the content for that book. Many of you submitted stories on communication, which were featured in the book.

Well, now I’m working on my next manuscript, for the book to be released in the fall of 2014. And I would love to have your help in creating the content.

The subject for this book is “answers to your top leadership questions.” Of course, I’ll be doing my best to provide the answers, but I would love to hear from you on what those top questions should be.

What burning questions have you always wanted to ask about leadership? What challenges have you faced that you’d like advice on? What is the number one thing you’d like to learn from me on the subject?

I would appreciate your help tremendously. You can help by…

Submitting a question.Visit THE SURVEY HERE and fill it out with the number one leadership question that you would like me to answer. If you have more than one question, simply fill out the form multiple times.

Tweeting this post. Go to the top of the post and look for the speech bubble that lists how many times this post has already been Tweeted. Click the “Tweet This” button below it. That will allow you to Tweet it too. The more people know about this and submit questions, the more representative the sample of questions will be.

Sharing this post in other ways. Right below the text of the post, you’ll see many options to share it, including email, Facebook and LinkedIn. Any time you share it will offer others the chance to participate.

It’s my goal to completely finish this book by the end of summer. So we’re working hard to nail down the list of questions and start working on answers as soon as possible. Please submit your question(s) as soon as you can. The deadline for all questions will be May 30, 2013.

Click HERE to submit a question.


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