Welcome to the official weblog of John C. Maxwell.
There’s nothing I like better than speaking and writing about leadership. And for over thirty years, I’ve shared what I know about leading and influencing others through conferences, speaking engagements, books, audio recordings, and articles.

Much of my work has even ended up on the Internet in one form or another. But if you know me well, you’re aware that I can’t personally take much credit for that.

I’m just not very computer-savvy. I’m not exaggerating much when I say that I need help turning on a computer. I just prefer the feel of pen on paper, preferably yellow paper on a fresh new legal pad.

In spite of my lack of personal computer knowledge, I’ve finally been convinced to enter the 21st-century world of blogging. So with the help of my blog administrator, I plan to put my current thoughts on leadership here on this blog.

Starting today, I’ll be posting regularly right here at John Maxwell on Leadership. I look forward to the give and take of an online community. So I hope you join me and feel free to tell others.

And even though I’m still learning about Twitter, I’ll be Tweeting as @johncmaxwell. Follow me and join the conversation there.

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