Welcome to Week 2 of our group study of The 5 Levels of Leadership! Last week, we hit the ground running, with a challenging assignment to read the introduction and complete the leadership assessment in just seven days. In this week’s meeting, your goal as leader is to learn where every member of the group is in their leadership journey.
We are aware that some groups will consist of people who actively pursue leadership and personal growth. This study won’t be alien to them. On the other hand, some groups or group members may be making their first foray into leadership development. As a leader, please take those factors into account.

Also, you may find that some in your group are very self-aware, while others are not. Today’s discussion questions have been written with everyone in mind, so give yourself the freedom to depart from them and go down any productive path that presents itself. At the end of your discussion, you should have a better idea of members’ understanding of the basics of leadership, their openness in the group, and how willing they are to change and grow.

Before you meet, I’d encourage you to personally do the reflection and journaling assignment below. Then you’ll be able to share what it was like and what your group members can expect.

If you’re in MY group (not in any group in real life), answer all of the questions below for yourself. (You can share answers in the comments if desired.)


Level 1: Position, pages 37-81

(We will discuss this reading assignment in NEXT WEEK’S post.)

DISCUSSION (Facilitator’s Guide):

1. (Icebreaker) When you go on vacation, are you a meticulous planner or a seat-of-your-pants explorer? Tell about a memorable vacation that came about as a result of your travel style.

2. To describe leadership, the book uses 5 levels. In the past, what mental picture have you used to describe or understand leadership?

3. Why do you think the 5 levels are in the order that they’re in? Would you have put them in that order? If not, why?

4. Why do you think it says that you’re not on the same level with every person?

5. What surprises did you find in the results of your leadership assessment? Do you think others’ assessment of you accurately reflects where you are in leadership? (If you haven’t yet completed the four-part assessment, you need to do so before your next meeting.)

6. What level are you on with most people according to the assessment? Where would you like to be?

7. Up until now, has your leadership development been planned, or have you simply tried to learn as you go?

8. How open are you to changing your leadership style to become more effective and influential in your life? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to give up?


Take some time this week remove yourself from distractions and interruptions to reflect on where you are as a leader. Set aside at least an hour for this. Be sure to write in a journal about the current state of your personal influence, career, and life legacy. Are you where you would like to be? Reflect on how growing in leadership using the 5 Levels could positively impact those three areas.

You will not be expected to share this with your group. It’s for you alone to gain perspective and spend some time in self-examination.

In this information age, people tend to spend too little time truly alone, quietly reflecting without any distractions. No matter what you write in your journal, this exercise will yield positive results for your leadership development.


In the comments section, the questions are threaded so you can answer each individually if you’d like. (This makes it easier for others to find them and contribute to the discussion.) But please feel free to answer all questions in one comment if that serves you better.

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