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Develop a Healthy IRA: Five Investments Every Leader Must Make

Do you have a good IRA? Before you answer, let me put things in context: this is not a blog post about traditional investment advice. This is a blog post about leadership investment advice. Good leaders are great investors. They understand not only where investments are necessary, but the type of investments required for success.…

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Smart Voices in Your Ear

Today, I want to talk to the aspiring leader, someone who dreams of making a bigger impact on their world. The leader who may have never held a leadership position, or maybe has led before, but didn’t lead well and wants to prove they have what it takes. Or maybe you’re a leader who knows…

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A Day of Service

What does it mean to serve? It’s a question worth asking yourself, especially if you’re a leader. Recent research has revealed that the younger generation of workers wants to work at a company with high potential AND a high purpose. They want to make as much of a difference to profit margins as they do…

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The Value of One

United makes John Maxwell leadership training available to all middle management personnel. So, his leadership principles saturate our corporate ethos to a large degree. But recently, I experienced one of John’s principles first hand.I attended a training luncheon and asked John a question about layoffs that United was expecting to have. “How would you prepare…

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